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November 2, 2021

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Jessica Marrazzo

Building next-generation marketplaces: Dweet x eBay


Jessica Marrazzo

eBay Inc. is a global commerce leader that connects millions of buyers and sellers in over 190 markets around the world. As part of their diversification strategy, eBay recently launched a fashion brand outlet marketplace. The product selection features a mix of high street and premium fashion and accessories brands. 

With ambitious growth targets in the pipeline, the eBay category manager for fashion was looking to build an agile team of independent brand acquisition consultants. By building a hybrid team, she could effectively attract a range of top fashion brands to their marketplace in a shorter amount of time.

She did this by choosing Dweet. Our client success team sourced and placed 5 Brand Acquisition consultants with proven experience developing decision-maker relationships within major fashion labels and multi-brand retailers. 

Each consultant had proven experience developing decision-maker relationships within major fashion labels and multi-brand retailers. Using eBay’s target brands as part of the criteria for the selection process, they were able to ensure that talent already had the established connections that the project needed to thrive. What’s more, they worked flexibly, part time and remotely to keep to budget and ensure maximum agility for the client. 

“When Laurent approached me after my many posts on LinkedIn asking for the above, it became very clear to me that I had struck gold. From the lightning-speed service connecting me to talent (which is clearly the best in the industry) and the ongoing care, coaching and advice I receive from the Dweet team (Eli and Moona), I don’t know how I would have coped without them. I cannot stress how easy and effortless it is working with Dweet and at the same time getting direct access to first class talent to drive your business forward.”

Interested in finding out more? Download the case study to discover how Dweet could support your business with your next brand acquisition project.

Download the case study

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