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Meet the community: A conversation with Romain Milaret

Written by

Jessica Marrazzo

Posted on

June 15, 2021

Romain Milaret is a corporate commercial manager with a passion for luxury jewellery and watches. As a bilingual professional, he thrives on pushing brands’ international expansion, having worked with the likes of Cartier, Longines, Links of London and March LAB.

Continuing with our Meet the Community series, we spoke with Dweet Community member Romain about his independent journey and focus on the industry. Here’s what he had to say.

Tell us about your career journey so far.

My entire career has been geared towards the Luxury Industry. I’ve focused in particular on Watches & Jewellery, both in Retail and Wholesale. After several years at the Richemont Group, SWATCH Group and Links of London, I had the chance to work with partners all over EMEA, open new markets and live in different countries.

I now have my own agency, still working with Luxury Watches & Jewellery brands.

What made you decide to work independently?

After a corporate career that took me up to Commercial Director / Head of EMEA Business Development positions, I just wanted to try something different. I wanted to try working for myself. I had different people that wanted to work with me on different projects, so the stars were aligned. It was an easy decision to make.

Is there a project you’re particularly proud of in your portfolio? Why?

I opened the French market with Links of London. We literally started from scratch with a very small team. After 2 years we had 6 concessions at Galeries Lafayette and BHV in Paris, a small Wholesale network and a newly renovated boutique for the sister Brand Folli Follie. I am also proud of the launch party that we organised at the UK Embassy in Paris.

What draws you towards working in fashion & luxury?

The story and heritage behind the brands or “Maisons”. Craftsmanship is also really important. I do need to feel proud of the brand that I work for. It’s important to be able to identify yourself with the brand to become a true ambassador.

Did you always know you wanted this career?

No. After finishing Business School, I was looking to work in Finance. But at the same time, I got a job offer at Cartier in London. As a young French graduate, it was impossible to refuse that opportunity. I stayed for nearly 8 years at Cartier, which completely cemented the orientation of my career going forward.

What’s your biggest learning so far?

To stay cool headed in all situations. I have been in really stressful situations with tight deadlines, being able to zoom out and deal calmly with the situation makes a real difference.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to someone that’s considering working for themselves?

For me, you do need to have a corporate experience first, build your knowledge and network. I would not have been able to do what I do without this first. I am amazed by young people starting as entrepreneurs first, it is definitely a harder road to take.

Romain Milaret is a commercial manager with a strong focus on business development. You can see more of Romain’s work on Linkedin

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